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Product Name£ºCigar Cabinet Items

Item number: HUM-4000
Dimensions (Outside): 48"W x 16"D x 72¡°H
Holds up to 4000 Cigars (200 boxes)
2 Swinging Tempered Glass Doors
4 Adjustable Spanish Cedar Shelves
4 Spanish Cedar Bundle Bin Rollouts
Bundle Bins are on Roller Guides and can be Pulled out 10 Inches
All Shelves and Bins are Slotted for Air Circulation
Corner Wheels for Ease of Movement
Completely Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
Gold Plated Lock & Key
Brass Pull Knobs on Doors
2 Interior A/C Outlets
Dark Mahogany Finish
Does not include humidification.

Continent: Guangdong Province Banfu town Zhongshan City Shun Jing Industrial Zone TEL:86-760-86512959